We are highly committed to offer the highest levels of quality standards and customer services to bolster our fundamental motto of ensuring complete “Customer Delight” and “Customer Satisfaction”.

Our Professional Design Team offers highly versatile designs to meet the ever-changing customer requirements both in the domestic and international markets.

Our team of technically and professionally qualified gemologists and diamond graduates ensure high quality standards in the diamonds and gemstones being used in our jewelry.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities with highly skilled craftsmen offer well crafted diamond jewelry.

We offer with each piece of our diamond jewelry a guarantee commitment on quality of diamonds, other gemstones and metal purity.

We ensure a Unique, Comfortable and Friendly environment to ensure everlasting memories in the minds of our customers when they buy their perfect diamond jewelry.

‘Reliability’ and ‘Trust’ are the important criteria that determine the success of this business. We, having been in this business since 1994 with total commitment, have established an unmatched credibility among our customers in these key aspects. This has been our primary winning formula in our success in the hearts of our Retail customers, Corporate buyers, Multi-national buyers, Wholesalers and Retailers.

In all, we are highly committed in our entire supply chain and value chain to ensure “Customer Delight” and “Customer Satisfaction”.