Subbiah & Dhirajlal Diamonds

Mr Dhirajlal V Vaya hails from the Gujarati Jewelry Community (Parajiya Soni) and comes from a family who are renowned jewelers in various parts of the world for over 2 generations now

Like any other first generation entrepreneur, he started his business journey as a small time jeweler in Gujarat. But he dreamt big with a focused vision to grow and excel in the Jewelry business. This bold business spirit in him saw him migrate to Dubai in 1970

DUBAI : THE CITY OF GOLD, made his dreams bigger and he started his first company Mohanlal Vallabhdas & Bros – now an internationally well-known name for Diamond and Platinum Jewelry in Dubai

Since its inception, the company has been in the business of retail, wholesale and manufacturing of jewelry in Gold, Diamond and Platinum. Being based in Dubai all this time has helped him understand the International jewelry market and mould his business strategies according to the ever changing trends in the jewelry industry.

The Company has grown to new heights with inclusion of his sons:

  • Mr Yogesh D Vaya – Diamonds Graduate – GIA
  • Mr Amit D Vaya – Graduate Gemologist – GII
  • Mr Anil D Vaya – Graduate Gemologist – GIA

In Dubai, over the years the company has strengthened its business operations with the addition of 3 retail branches and 2 manufacturing units – one for the gold jewelry manufacturing and the other for the manufacturing of Diamond and Platinum Jewelry

As part of Mr Dhirajlal’s growth strategies and his long-time interest in the vibrant jewelry market in India, he wanted to spread his business wings into his home country : India. This is when he joined hands with Mr SM Subbiah and decided to become the first franchise of SUBBU GROUP and the franchise was named as SUBBIAH & DHIRAJLAL JEWELERS

After a thorough market research, SUBBIAH & DHIRAJLAL JEWELERS opened its first retail outlet in Trichy on 6th March, 2011

SUBBIAH & DHIRAJLAL JEWELERS in Trichy is an exclusive Diamond Jewelry Showroom – the first of its kind in Trichy; and also the first authorized representation of the National Spot Exchange in the Trichy region.

“…………… in pursuit of excellence we have a mission to complete and miles to go before a deep glow of satisfaction emits from within us. We provide products and services with significant benefits to meet or exceed the expectations of our customers.”