Meenu’s Page

Meenu Subbiah – The very name reverberate sweet memories in the minds of several thousand customers within India and Abroad. Heart-felt appreciations of several customers have coveted a trade name for her “Vaira Meenu” ( Vairam in south Indian language – tamil, means Diamond ).

Meenu Subbiah was South India’s first women to graduate in Diamonds from GIA (USA) and first professional Jewelry Designer to revive the Chettinadu’s Jewelry Designs.

At the age of 14, her interests were rightly identified by her father Mr SM Subbiah, who motivated her to pursue her passion professionally and that led onto an extensive educational qualifications which include Diamonds Graduate at Gemmological Institute of America – GIA, USA;  Jewelry Designing & Jewelry Manufacturing Arts from renowned Universities; Specialised training in Diamond Jewelry Manufacturing Techniques at Dubai; A Diploma in Gemmology at Gemmological Institute of India – GII, Mumbai; A Diploma in Diamonds grading – GII, Mumbai;.

The most interesting aspect in her educational career was when she studied her Jewelry Designing with her mother as her class-mate: Her mother not only accompanied her passionate daughter to Mumbai for her education but also studied along-with her.

At the age of 19, she was a complete technically qualified professional to take on the Diamond Jewelry Business with her father and they forayed by starting Meenu Subbiah & Co in 1994. In the 90s, the Jewelry market in Chettinadu was not professionally serviced. Hailing from Chettinadu, a thirst and affinitiy drove them to professionally revive the Chettinadu designs and offer the hand-made Chettinadu Jewelry Designs in a much organized manner.

Ever passion in her to do things differently, led to the formation of ‘Meenu School of Jewelry Designing’ in Chennai. Today, her students are either leading freelance designers or associated with well established companies in India & Abroad.